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Dell Mini 10 (Inspiron 1010) – versatile HD netbook with TV, 3G and GPS

The netbook genre has exploded during the time I’ve been hosting this site – and I’ve overlooked most models despite owning two of the most popular ones due to a lack of time to review them. However, as the market for the devices matured, the need for something that wasn’t simply “good enough”, but was actually “complete and useful” became quite pressing. Having started with the obligatory 4GB Asus Eee and moved on to the exceptionally good value Acer Aspire One A110, the time taken for these models to acquire internal 3G networking and decent storage was frustrating.
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Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010
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Logitech Mediaboard Pro for PS3

Amongst Logitech’s extensive range of keyboards, there lurks a near-ideal combination of features. Bluetooth, full size keys, a built-in trackpad with scrolling, and all for under £35. The catch? It’s designed for Sony’s Playstation 3.
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Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010
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Logitech Anywhere MX

Logitech Anywhere MX with Darkfield TechnologyIt seems like a lifetime ago that the mouse – a pointing device for computers – was a novelty, and an imperfect one at that. Square boxes with lumpy wheels, strangely shaped devices with no relationship to the shape of the human hand, tiny little round ones… all of these shipped with Apple’s hardware for years. Third-party manufacturers did their best to keep up, but kept on making models that were just too comfortable, too natural.
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Posted on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
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Sony downgrades PS3 system – again!

Sony have consistently removed features from the PS3, and the latest update is no different; it affects different users, of course, and if you currently have a PS3 Slim you really don’t need to care about this.

I don’t. I have a 60GB PS3, the original UK model. It cost £425, a price I considered justifiable because the system included a high-definition movie player (Microsoft charged £99 at the time for the HD-DVD drive), wireless as well as wired connectivity, a decent size of HD and 4 USB ports/card reader. It also included HDMI and the ability to run Linux, making it an ideal “home computer”.

Thanks to the activities of one talented individual, Sony has elected to remove the Other OS function from machines that allowed it a mere month after stating their commitment to keeping the feature in place. Sony, which marketed the systems on this capability and made a lot of noise about the cluster systems based on the PS3.

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Posted on Thursday, April 15th, 2010
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Panasonic – RED One for the consumer?

Panasonic’s announcement of the AG-AF100 M4:3 (Four-Thirds) camcorder cannot be underestimated – whilst the M4:3 cameras produced have been offering HD-quality video in a flexible format for a couple of years now, the launch of a dedicated “large sensor” camcorder into the prosumer market promises a real threat to the RED system from below – itself already a threat to the really high-end equipment.

Panasonic’s offering will not be “cheap”, but it will undoubtedly be affordable, and will offer access to some excellent glass via the Four-Thirds system – some of the lenses available from Olympus and Panasonic are exceptional, such as the 7-14mm F4.

RED’s trick of using essentially DSLR sensors in a dedicated system has already transformed video production. Whilst the Four-Thirds sensor is half the size of a full-frame 35mm model (a format derived from cinematography), it still offers real benefits in pixel density, resolution, sensitivity and depth of field compared to the “fractional” sizes previously employed.

Since the AG-AF100 is derived from Panasonic’s M4:3 cameras, it may offer a selection of aspect ratios as well, though it’s not mentioned in the release.

Press release follows:
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Posted on Monday, April 12th, 2010
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