No Unboxing!

This will eventually be a geeking and tech reviews site. I don’t expect much of it, but it will allow me to write the reviews I can’t always print fully in the magazines, or even cover in our titles! Many of the products you see here will be ones I have bought, rather than items sent for me to review.

I intend to focus on how a device actually WORKS – what qualities it genuinely offers – with the occasional foray into “what happens if you hack it”. Anything covered will be covered in as much depth as possible, and there will never, ever be an “unboxing” entry. You might see pictures of what’s in the box, but it’ll only be in the context of “this is what it comes with, and how it affects the usefulness of the object in question”.

If you want to see a new product in a picture and learn nothing about it, go elsewhere :D

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