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Sigma’s SD1 – Sigma’s Secret Weapon

Admit it. You’ve been looking at those Foveon cameras coming from Sigma with a growing sense that whilst the 3-layer process has benefits, and delivers real differences in image quality, the 4.5Mp output file is somewhat lacking. As consumer and prosumer DSLRs head ever higher, with a typical sample of products currently on the market under £1500 ranging from 12.1 to 21Mp; cameras like Canon’s excellent 550D and the bargain Nikon D3100 are so highly specified and versatile that the unique Foveon image quality really has to mean a lot to you to make sense. Well… Sigma’s taking the professionals’ needs more seriously, and here’s how they’re going to answer the question – “How are you going to compete?”.

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Sigma’s SD15 hits UK shores

The phrase “long-awaited” is overused, but sometimes repeatedly appropriate. Sigma Japan’s tendency to preview cameras before launch often leaves the consumer feeling more than a bit confused; when DID the camera actually launch? The SD15, a substantially redesigned digital SLR that replaces the 2007 SD14, comes in on a fairly predictable 3-year product cycle that exemplifies Sigma’s careful approach to evolving their Foveon-based cameras. With a few headline changes, but the same sensorsize and pixel-count as the previous model, will the SD15 tempt anyone but the most hardcore enthusiast to hand over £899?
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Tablet Store 10.1″ iPhone-styled Windows 7 3G Tablet

Shanzai gets it right sometimes, and Tablet Store UK’s Windows 7 tablet is one such case. Coming in at £449, with the 3G-equipped model tested at £499 with 160GB HD, HSUPA wireless from a Sierra Wireless 8781 and Bluetooth and WiFi via a combined module, this tablet is also known as the TESO J-10 and iiView M1Touch; it identifies itself as a THD PX1. Whilst many sites have opted to view this as an “iPad Killer”, such a concept is laughable – it’s an evolution of the Ultra-Mobile PC concept. So where has the concept been taken, and has it matured sufficiently to be worthwhile – and have the Chinese OEMs cracked something that few startup firms have managed…
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Sigma DP2s

Sigma’s camera evolution continues with the latest version of the DP series, the DP2s. Unlike the progression from DP1s to DP1x, the DP2s is essentially a refinement of the previous design, though Sigma remain coy about internal changes. Reading between the lines, the sensor may well be a new “version” of the 4.5 x 3 Mp Foveon chip first seen in the SD14, and there’s definitely some adjustment to the base firmware, but it’s less likely that the physical hardware of the camera has actually changed.
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Minox DCC M3

Minox DCC M3
Minox DCC M3
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Sigma DP-1 Review

Focus Attendee discussing the DP-1 with a friendFollowing yesterday’s preview, today I got the opportunity to take the Sigma DP-1 out for a “test drive” around Focus. The camera I had access to was not a finished production model, but is very close – UK availability should be around the beginning of April, and if these preliminary results are anything to go by, the DP-1 is going to be heavily in demand. Quite often when looking at pre-production cameras there is no question of reproducing files produced by the product, Sigma’s DP-1 need have no fear.

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Sigma DP-1 preview

Attendees at Focus On ImagingIt’s the end of February, and once again time for the annual photographic industry trade show, Focus On Imaging. Whilst I will be covering this professionally for our print titles, I’ve been particularly looking forward to this one – as it marks the arrival in the UK (and worldwide) of Sigma’s new DP-1 28mm compact camera with Foveon sensor. I only had a short trip today, so here are the first pictures of the hardware, and a roundup of the specification.

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