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Recesky or Gakkenflex – the £10 TLR camera kit.

Recesky TLRLomography is built, in part, upon the foundations of low-cost cameras made, for the most part, in Hong Kong and China. The trusty Diana and Holga have proven popular for decades, and an ever-expanding pool of designs has ensured that Lomography’s product range is rarely stale.

Outside of Lomography, however, a little funky twin-lens reflex camera has been doing the rounds for a few years. Originally appearing as part of a magazine – Otona no Kagaku or “Science Of Adult”, the Gakkenflex cost around $40 when the nearest comparable TLRs were almost 3x the price. Now eBay has become home to the “Recesky” camera kit – and whaddya know, this little beauty looks surprisingly similar to that Gakkenflex. The sample I have here I bought for under £8 including shipping from China… and here’s how to put it together.
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