FlipStart V1.0

FlipStart V1.0 costs $699 (reduced from $1999/$1499 in March and September respectively) direct from FlipStart or Dynamism.com for those outside of the US. The pack includes the FlipStart V1.0, an international power supply, wired headset, standard battery, screen cloth, port replicator and a nylon carry bag and strap. The 3.2Mp Snap! Camera is priced at $119, and there are the usual accessories and cases.

The FlipStart sports an unusual expansion technique…

For the determined hacker, the EVDO module is a Mini PCI card – this, combined with the pre-existing SIM slot at least on early models (there is little information on how production has changed over the year), makes it possible to install an HSDPA 3G WAN card instead, possibly the commonly-available Dell 5505 card or the Novatel Expedite EU870D in Europe. No-one has published extensive details of this online though one user claims to have met with success using the internals of an Option iCON USB HDSPA 7.2 modem – at the new price it offers the potential to provide a very connected, very responsive UMPC in one of the smallest packages currently available. With the 80GB drive originally seen in the iPod also being a 5mm CE-ATA unit, it may be possible to upgrade the FlipStart when your warranty expires too, though it naturally would make sense to wait until that point unless you’re prepared to destroy a $699 computer.

Pros: Robust design and robust performance under XP, good battery life, keyboard and screen. EVDO WAN in the USA.
Cons: Poor memory and HD capacity, not as style-focused as the competition (and at launch, expensive). No integrated WAN option for the UK

Sources (will open new page):
http://www.flipstart.com/ – FlipStart home page
http://www.dynamism.com/ – Dynamism, international reseller for FlipStart and other products.

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