Insurance (quicky)

SPV M5000 post accidentOn 24th January, I slipped over on a train (ambulance chasing lawyers perk up) and landed on my laptop bag, destroying my phones. Two were covered by house insurance, one was covered by Vodafone’s insurance.

Of the two covered by house insurance, one was a T-Mobile Ameo, which I’d declined the third-party insurance offered by T-Mobile for as it cost £8+ per month and the unit was of course, covered by my contents insurance for the house.

Vodafone’s insurance was something I didn’t even know I was paying for, an additional £3 or so on my N73’s bill. I called Vodafone, and within 24 hrs of the call they had a new N73 to me and had collected the remains of mine. My main insurance, which is with Direct Line, has taken until now to settle – however, it has been without dispute, but simply delayed due to their outsourcing firm being unable to locate replacements for such unusual phones.

Moral of the story? Well, insurance is useful, but I was pleased to discover I had the Vodafone cover and the speed of replacement for my handset. I will not dismiss bundled insurance quite so readily in future. (And my replacement for the Ameo? A Nokia E90, about which I’ll post some comments later).

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