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Sigma’s SD15 hits UK shores

The phrase “long-awaited” is overused, but sometimes repeatedly appropriate. Sigma Japan’s tendency to preview cameras before launch often leaves the consumer feeling more than a bit confused; when DID the camera actually launch? The SD15, a substantially redesigned digital SLR that replaces the 2007 SD14, comes in on a fairly predictable 3-year product cycle that exemplifies Sigma’s careful approach to evolving their Foveon-based cameras. With a few headline changes, but the same sensorsize and pixel-count as the previous model, will the SD15 tempt anyone but the most hardcore enthusiast to hand over £899?
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Sigma DP-1 Review

Focus Attendee discussing the DP-1 with a friendFollowing yesterday’s preview, today I got the opportunity to take the Sigma DP-1 out for a “test drive” around Focus. The camera I had access to was not a finished production model, but is very close – UK availability should be around the beginning of April, and if these preliminary results are anything to go by, the DP-1 is going to be heavily in demand. Quite often when looking at pre-production cameras there is no question of reproducing files produced by the product, Sigma’s DP-1 need have no fear.

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